Martha Coolidge graduated from the University of California with simultaneous degrees – a Bachelor of Architecture from the college of Environmental Design, and a Bachelor of Arts, in the History of Art, from the College of Letters and Sciences.

She moved to New York to pursue set design, and had numerous plays produced Off-Broadway, until she was offered the position of art director on a film and moved to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles for ten years, Martha worked in both the art departments and lighting, until she became Chief Lighting Technician (Gaffer) on numerous studio films. Breaks between movies provided her the opportunity to continue sailing on the East Coast, West Coast and Europe. Sailing and, in particular, racing, was her real love, and when Martha moved to Maine full time (it had always been a summer residence) in 2004 she finally found a way to combine her two passions – sailing and design – into one vocation.

Martha owns a classic 6 metre, Jill, and though most of her work has been in the classic style, often with refits of boats from the “Golden Age of Yachting” or new builds in the Spirit of Tradition, her work on the recently launched Isobel, built by Brooklin Boatyard, is elegantly modern. Residential architecture – generally stemming from a connection with the client to the boat world – Martha still undertakes and expects the same quality in joinery and finish one would find in the best of boatyards.